Canadian UAV Alliance


Who is the CUAVA?

CUAVA – Canadian UAV Alliance

The CUAVA is an informal group of UAV operators and associated providers working to bring professional level service & support to clients within Canada.  Members of the alliance are certified and insured to work commercially following the regulations set out by Transport Canada.

The website is a free service for any Canadian business that offers UAV or associated services in a legal, safe, and professional manner.

The CUAVA is supported by industry partners.

What are UAV’s?

UAV is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, often referred to as a “drone”. In Canada any remotely controlled aircraft, regardless of size, is considered to be a UAV when used for commercial purposes.

Are there any rules and regulations of when and where you can fly?

Yes.  All commercial UAV use in Canada is regulated by Transport Canada.  All operators must have what is called an SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate).   There are restrictions around how close to other people and object a UAV can be used as well as weather, location, and related limits.

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How do I list my company?

The CUAVA website is a free service to professional UAV operators and related industry business.  You can submit your listing via the website link at the top of the page.

We reserve the right to vet and remove any listings that we feel impacts the Canadian UAV industry in anyway, and any organization that does not follow the industry regulations. We may request proof of SFOC and related information before approving your listing.

Are there CUAVA member & partner logos available for use?

Click here for “CUAVA Member” logo imagery

Click here for “CUAVA Partner” logo imagery

Imagery is provided as large PNG in various background and colour variations and can be re-sized and cropped as required for your use.

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