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Yellowhouse Aerial Claim

Professional aerial services that make the difference.

Yellowhouse Aerial is professional aerial cinematography, photography, and surveying. Working with clients and hollywood productions to create stunning visuals.

  • Location Prairie & Northern
  • Slogan Professional aerial services that make the difference.
  • Brand color
  • Listing categories Operators
  • Affiliations IATSE
  • SFOC Details Class C, D, E, F, G airspace. Night flight. Flight to 400ft AGL.
  • Address Calgary, AB
Can we shoot with your camera?
You certainly can! We offer a "We Fly, You Shoot" service, where we pilot the craft, and your director, DP or camera operator can control the camera. This means: - No Liability for productions - No flight planning or certification paperwork required - Commercial and UAV insurance for flight operations already in place - No risk of loss of craft on behalf of the DP or camera crew - No traveling with UAVs, batteries, accessories
Where do you operate?
All across Alberta and Saskatchewan!
What resolution and filetypes do you offer?
For Stills we shoot 20.8MP DNG. For video we shoot up to 4K, up to 60p @ 100Mbps in H.264, and up to 30p in ProRes with 422 HQ @900Mbps or 4444 XQ @ 2.0Gbps.
Why Yellowhouse Aerial?
We have over 20 years' combined experience in visual arts, and an insatiable passion for flawless imagery. Reviews and feedback about our services always say the same thing: outstanding professionalism and smooth, beautiful footage.