Canadian UAV Alliance

SkyView UAV provides specialist aerial imaging services across Southern Alberta. Operating under a standing SFOC, fully insured and holders of construction safety certification we take pride in our professional and personalised service.

For the Construction Sector:

Geo-referenced, orthorectified maps – Using the latest technology in cloud based image processing we produce detailed imagery that is faster and more cost-effective than ever before.
Terrain & 3D Models – project progress, estimate the volume of materials left — an aerial view makes it all a lot easier.

For Commercial Real Estate & Promotion

Near real time photographic maps of large areas
Promotional videos featuring aerial video
Aerial photographs

  • Location Prairie & Northern
  • Listing categories Operators
  • SFOC Details Special Flight Operations Certificate Restricted Operator - Complex for operations in Class C, D, E, F and G airspace in accordance with the Special Flight Operations certificate. Includes built up areas and close proximity to airports.
  • Address 95 Tuscany Estates Close NW
    Calgary, AB, T3L 0B6
How do I find out about your pricing?
Please give us a call or drop us an email with some information about your needs.