Canadian UAV Alliance

Based out of Vancouver, Canada AviaEye is a trademark of MatkoPictures and PhotoFabrica established by two very enthusiastic and international awarded artists, cinematographers and photographers in order to offer you the freedom of a personalised visual approach to fulfill your creative imagination.

AviaEye is a father and son business approved by Transport Canada to work in every region of Canada. A proud member of the International Cinematographers Guild IATSE 669  Martin & Martin have combined 50+ years experience in cinematography and photography; offering you a variety of inspirations, ideas and solutions to fullfill all your creative and visual needs.

With extensive experience in the most extreme of environments including the high arctic and full UAV manual operations AviaEye is well suitable to help you get within close proximity of the subject indoors or outdoors, moving  or static. Equipped with our fleet of UAV’s and high end aerial camera systems to fit a variety of different scenarios we are able to capture the highest quality in motion and still images.

  • Location Atlantic / Quebec / Ontario / Pacific / Prairie & Northern
  • Slogan Freedom of Imagination
  • Listing categories Operators
  • Affiliations Trademark of MatkoPictures Inc. and Photofabrica Inc. Proud member of the International Cinematographers Guild IATSE 669 Member of Unmanned Systems Canada
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